Millenium Development Goals


Millennium Development Goals Nauru Progress Report 1990-2011

This first Nauru MDG Assessment Report aims to inform the people of Nauru about progress on the MDGs and to identify what more can be done to achieve both national and millennium development priorities as articulated in Nauru’s National Sustainable Development Strategy 2005-2025. The reportmore


Millennium Development Goals Report 1990-2009 for the Fiji Islands

The purpose of this report is to examine Fiji’s progress regarding the MDGs for the period 1990-2009. Compared to the first Fiji MDGs report, which covered the period 1990-2000, this report is based on more targets and indicators: 21 targets and 60 indicators from the revised MDG Framework. While,more


Millennium Development Goals: Initial Status Report Republic of Palau 2008

A little over eight years after becoming a signatory to the Millennium Development Declaration, Palau has compiled its first status report on the Millennium Development Goals. This Report provides information with which we as a country, in partnership with national and international developmentmore


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