Human Security Initiative for Tensions Reduction, Reconciliation and Rehabilitation in the Solomon Islands

Project Summary

Ensuring human security is particularly important in the Solomon Islands, due to lingering causes of ethnic conflict or “tensions”, pervasive political manipulation, social fragmentation, chronic poverty, and lack of basic social facilities in many areas. The situation of former militants/combatants has not yet been adequately addressed. This joint UN initiative shall specifically focus on (i) empowering both ex-combatants and affected communities through improving local governance and community participation, and (ii) successful post-conflict recovery of affected communities through promoting human security and co-existence, with a view to preventing a recurrence of violent “tensions” in future.

What are the project’s goals?

To enhance human security for the selected communities and ex-combatants in the Solomon Islands through reducing “tensions” and promoting peaceful and sustainable measures for their survival and dignity.

Component I: Freedom from Fear Approach
Objective I-1:
To improve local governance and provide capacity building measures to local stakeholders such as local government officials, community leaders, CBOs and women's groups for successful recovery from the violent conflict (UNDP)

Objective I-2: To establish a pilot initiative to promote reintegration and make it fully functional to meet the needs of the community members and ex-combatants, for human security and peaceful co-existence (UNDP)

Component II: Freedom from Want ApproachObjective II-1:
To empower their economic security and promote sustainable livelihoods for the target communities and returned ex-combatants, through income-generation measures (ILO)

Objective II-2: To enhance by up to 80% of the functional capacity of target communities to deal with conflict-affected water and sanitation management problems by 2012 (UNICEF)

Objective II-3: To improve the understanding of both communities and ex-combatants of the relevance of human rights and gender equality to strengthened forms of social security and decent work (ILO)

Who Finances it

United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security (UNTFHS) and UNDP
Total Budget: US$2,706,434.16

Project Delivery US$

2012 $85,352
2013 $90,890
Project Summary
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Geographic Coverage
Solomon Islands
Focus Area
Democratic Governance
Project Officer
Stella Delaiverata
Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace
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