Kiribati Parliament Support

Project Summary

Kiribati Parliament
Entrance to Kiribati's Parliament in the capita Tarawa. Photo: UNDP/Shobhna Decloitre

This project was formulated on the basis of the validated and accepted recommendations of a Legislative Needs Assessment (LNA) report which was prepared for Kiribati Parliament in 2008. In December 2008, the LNA report was discussed during an LNA validation workshop in Tarawa where all stakeholders including Members of Parliament, senior government officials, community leaders participated and provided feedback to the LNA report.   During the Validation 21 of the 36 recommendations were accepted. The accepted recommendations, particularly those that focused on supporting the Parliament Secretariat; Members of Parliament and Constituents were used as the basis for designing the project outputs and activities. This project focuses on achieving the following outputs: (i) institutional strengthening and resourcing of parliament secretariat and its relationship with financial and legislative institutional within the government; (ii) provide targeted support to members of parliament; and (iii) support the Parliament Secretariat and constituents at large through civic education initiatives to generate public interests in parliamentary governance and participatory decision making at the national and local levels.

What are the project’s goals?

Improved capacity of the national Parliament and Government institutions and systems to enable the efficient performance of oversight, accountability, legislative, representative functions and roles including improved capacity for equitable representation and participatory democracy through civic and human rights education.

  • Kiribati Parliamentary Secretariat strengthened.
  • Members of Parliament supported in their Parliamentary and constitutional roles.
  • Public awareness conducted and increased knowledge amongst island communities and functions of the Maneaba ni Maungatabu.
  • Support to the Parliament Project is effectively managed and implemented.

Who Finances it

UNDP; Kiribati One UN Programme
Total Budget: US$501,139

Project Delivery (US$)

2009 $147,120
2010 $82,990
2011 $142,995
2012 $87,035
2013 $3,775
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Democratic Governance
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Brian Lenga
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