Tonga Governance Strengthening Programme

Project Summary

This programme has the following components: (i) Support to Parliament; (ii) support to civil society organizations; and (iii) support to the Tonga Electoral Commission. This integrated programme approach focuses on strengthening Tonga's governance institutions and an improved understanding in the community of the role of parliament; the functions of the electoral commission; and the role civil society organizations play in promoting good governance and supporting an improved understanding of governance concepts in the community. The programme draws together the Parliamentary strengthening project designed by UNDP, the Australian Electoral Commission led support provided to the Tonga Electoral Commission; and proposal to strengthen civil society’s relationship with the Tonga Parliament and Government as well an increased role for civil society in providing civil education and enhancing accountabilities of duty-bearers. Civic education is considered to be the common objectives shared by the three programme components and as such there are clear advantages in an integrated approach that avoids duplication of effort and maximizes efficiencies in design and delivery.

What are the Project’s goals?

  1. Legislative Assembly strengthened to effectively carry out its oversight, representative and legislative functions.
  2. Capacity of CSOs, education providers and communities strengthened for increased participation in law making, policy and oversight processes.
  3. Capacity of Tonga Electoral Commission enhanced to ensure the effective conduct of free and fair national and local elections.
  4. Programme efficiently and effectively managed.

Who Finances it?

Australian Aid and UNDP
Total Budget: US$3,210,840

Project Overview
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Geographic Coverage
Focus Area
Democratic Governance
Office of the Speaker, civil society organizations and Electoral Commission