Tonga Support to Parliament

Project Summary

This Preparatory Assistance project is designed to support the Parliamentarians of the Kingdom of Tonga in performing their important representative, legislative and oversight functions. The nature and types of support will be decided upon by the Members of the Legislative Assembly through and participatory design process to be facilitated through this project. Given that Tonga will be having national elections in 2008, this PA project will set the stage for the design of a long term Parliamentary Support package for Tonga.

The Project is expected to deliver the following three key outputs: (i) Update the Legislative Needs Assessment (LNA) conducted in 2001, revise and document the capacity development needs of Parliamentarians and Parliamentary Secretariat and at the same time conduct capacity assessment and development capacity development strategies. (ii) An Orientation workshop for the Members of Tonga’s Legislative Assembly to be conducted after national elections; and (iii) The design of a parliamentary support package that would provide targeted support to the Legislators and the Legislative Secretariat.

What have we accomplished so far

Orientation Programme for Members of the Legislative Assembly conducted following the 2008 elections.

  • Orientation Workshop conducted.
  •  Post workshop report produced.

 Legislative Needs Assessment (LNA) for Tonga completed.

  • LNA revision and update completed with concrete recommendations for project design.
  • LNA recommendations mainstream MDGs and human rights-based and related perspectives and suggestions which are locally acceptable.

Participatory Project design completed.

  • Project document formulated and resources mobilized.
  • Stakeholders understand scope and focus of the project.
  • Cost sharing arrangements, MOUs and timelines for implementation finalized.

Monitoring and final evaluation conducted in accordance with Programme and Project Management Guidelines, lessons learnt codified for future reference.

  • Financial and narrative progress reports and TTPR conducted.

Who Finances it

Total Budget: US$1,416,045

Project Delivery (US$)

2008 $46,179
2009 $4,540
2010 $57,778
2011 $20,367
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Geographic Coverage
Focus Area
Democratic Governance
Project Officer
Brian Lenga
Office of the Honorable Speaker of the Parliament of Tonga
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