Fiji Livelihoods Recovery for Vulnerable Groups

Project Summary

Days of torrential rains unleashed severe flooding in the Western and Northern Divisions of the Fiji Islands in January 2012, leading the Government to declare a “state of natural disaster” on 25 January, in effect until 18 February. Initial deaths were due to drowning and landslides. However a recent increase in post-flood communicable diseases has brought the death toll to 17. During the peak of the flood, there were 64 evacuation centres operating and sheltering 4561 people. A total of 24,176 people (6723 families) were affected by the floods, and the latest Government estimates indicate US$53.3 million in damages.

Extensive damage is noted to infrastructure such as roads and bridges, and basic services. The agricultural sector was heavily impacted, with devastation to sugarcane crops, vegetables and small family gardens for subsistence and staple crops. UNDP proposes to support the Government by developing an innovative joint programme to facilitate livelihoods recovery for women in the affected areas. The programme focuses on provision of agriculture inputs and socio-economic infrastructure rehabilitation through cash for work as a modality. Beneficiaries of cash for work will further be supported (through training, small grants, link to microfinance organizations) to establish small businesses in and outside the agriculture sector.

The project will mainly target women and has the following two major outputs that will be achieved during the course of one year: (i) Livelihoods of flood-affected women (and most vulnerable) stabilized through restoration of agricultural productivity and income generation; (ii) Key government ministries have the capacity to lead economic recovery programmes.

What have we accomplished so far

  • Training of agriculture and financial literacy provided to 345 cash for work participants (77% women) in Nadi in partnership with Agriculture Extension Office and a NGO, Empower Pacific.
  • 26 cash for work participants including 24 women enrolled in the Income Generation Programme provided by the NGO.

Who Finances the Project?

UNDP and Australian Aid
Total Budget: US$367,633

Project Delivery US$

2012 $270,956
2013 $16,042
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Geographic Coverage
Western Division, Fiji
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Environment and Energy
Project Officer
Navin Bhan
Ministry of Strategic Planning
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