Palau Sustainable Economic Development for Renewable Energy Application

Project Summary

A beneficiary of the Renewable Energy Fund Window (REFW) at the National Development Bank of Palau (NDBP).

On the overall, the project is intended to contribute to, at least in the reduction of the growth rate of GHG emissions from the diesel-based power generation in Palau. The project purpose is the facilitation of the reduction of imported fossil fuel consumption through the widespread application of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) not only to meet the electricity needs of the country but also provide the other energy requirements for productive uses in the other major sectors of the national economy. The main outcome of the project is the effective utilization, and realization of benefits from the use, of the country’s feasible Renewable Energy (RE) resources. To achieve these, the proposed SEDREA Project will comprise of four components, each made up of activities that will: bring about the establishment of a national policy and program for RE within the context of a national energy policy; create a conducive environment for investments in RETs on the power generation at the utility level; encourage application of household and village level RET applications especially in areas that cannot be served by the grid; and sustain an industry to support RE technology development and commercialization.

What are the Project’s goals?

  • Renewable energy policy and institutional capacity building.
  • Renewable energy technology delivery and financing mechanisms.
  • Renewable energy technology development and industry support.
  • Renewable energy information, training and advocacy.

Who Finances it?

Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Total Budget: US$975,00

Project Delivery US$

2009 $96,277
2010 $156,949
2011 $466,949
2012 $56,038
2013 $16,735
Project Overview
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Project Start Date
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Geographic Coverage
Focus Area
Environment and Energy
Project Officer
Josua Turaganivalu
Palau Energy Office