RMI Second National Communication to the UNFCCC

Project Summary

The proposed project will enable the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) prepare its Second National Communication to the Conference of the Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The activities within the Second National Communication are a continuation and update of the work done by RMI to prepare its Initial National Communication (INC) that was carried out under the Pacific Islands Climate Change Assistance Project (PICCAP). The main components of the project are: a) Inventory of GHG Emissions b) Programmes containing measures to facilitate adequate adaptation to, and mitigation of climate change, c) and Programmes and national action plans that are considered relevant for the achievement of the objectives of the UNFCCC. The Project will further enhance the national capacities and will raise general knowledge and awareness on climate change and its effects. It will also contribute to putting climate change issues higher on the national agenda through strengthened cooperation and increased involvement of all relevant stakeholders in the process. In addition, it will strengthen and build national capacities for participation in different mechanisms related to GHG mitigation and to fulfilling other commitments to the UNFCCC.

What is the project’s goal?

Environmental considerations integrated into national development policies, strategies, programmes and projects.

Who Finances it?

Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Total Budget: US$420,000

Project Delivery US$

2007 $5,622
2008 $9,409
2009 $41,676
2010 $131,307
2011 $86,701
2012 $17,873
2013 $57,289
Project Overview
Project ID
Project Start Date
Estimated End Date
Geographic Coverage
Marshall Islands
Focus Area
Environment and Energy
Project Officer
Losana Mualaulau
Office of Environment Planning and Policy Coordination
Office of the President
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