Our Projects

Poverty Reduction

  • Fiji Millennium Development Goals Based PlanningThe purpose of this project is twofold (i) review Fiji's MDG Reporting process; and (ii) use the findings from the review to improve the next round of reporting through improved process, contents, quality and utility of Fiji's National MDG Report 2009.

  • RMI Millennium Development Goals Capacity Building InitiativeStrengthen the capacity of Government statisticians to monitor and report on the MDGs progress. Identify bottlenecks and areas that need further focus to accelerate MDGs achievement and to mainstream priority MDGs targets into national planning and budget frameworks.

Democratic Governance

  • Kiribati Parliament SupportKiribati Parliament SupportThis project was formulated on the basis of the validated and accepted recommendations of a Legislative Needs Assessment (LNA) report which was prepared for Kiribati Parliament in 2008. In December 2008, the LNA report was discussed during an LNA validation workshop in Tarawa where all stakeholders including Members of Parliament, senior government officials, community leaders participated and provided feedback to the LNA report.

  • Support to Palau CongressIn April 2009, UNDP and the Palau joint LNA task force validated the LNA recommendations and design this project to implement 44 recommendations of the LNA report. The joint LNA task force comprises representatives from the Senate and House of Delegates of the Palau Congress. The project’s objectives are to develop the technical, advisory, administrative and procedural support capacities with the Senate and House of Delegates secretariat and to develop the capacity of members to enhance their legislative, representative and oversight roles.

Environment and Energy

  • Fiji Hydrocholorofluorocarbon Phase-out Management PlanImplementation of the project will assist Government of Fiji in reducing their HCFC consumption from its baseline level of 8.44 ODP tons by 2013 to 5.49 ODP tons by 2020 in line the schedule specified in the HPMP Agreement of Fiji.

  • Fiji Livelihoods Recovery for Vulnerable GroupsThe programme focuses on provision of agriculture inputs and socio-economic infrastructure rehabilitation through cash for work as a modality. Beneficiaries of cash for work will further be supported (through training, small grants, link to microfinance organizations) to establish small businesses in and outside the agriculture sector.

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