RMI Millennium Development Goals Capacity Building Initiative

Project Summary

Strengthen the capacity of Government statisticians to monitor and report on the MDGs progress. Identify bottlenecks and areas that need further focus to accelerate MDGs achievement and to mainstream priority MDGs targets into national planning and budget frameworks. The main components of the project include:

  • Assessment of MDGs achievement, challenges and identification of bottlenecks
  • Mainstreaming MDGs into the National Development Strategy
  • Mainstreaming MDGs into Government corporate plans and annual management plans
  • Analysis of medium term expenditure framework for better impact in terms of MDG achievement
  • Strengthen the capacity of Government to mobilize ODA for the achievement of National Development priorities including the MDGs. The project will also advocate for MDG achievement through various awareness raising activities and public outreach programmes focusing on the priority areas highlighted in the latest National MDG Assessment Report.

What have we Accomplished so far

  • Conducted an assessment of the current state of the MDGs achievement in the Marshall Islands, established MDGs baseline and set 2015 targets.
  • Produced the Marshall Islands MDGs Report 2010.
  • National and sectoral planners trained in MDGs planning and budgeting.
  • Work commenced on the MDGs database as an information tool for government planners, statisticians, politicians for policy formulation. Database will also be used as a tool for monitoring and reporting on MDGs, on a regular basis by government planners.
  • Training on individual basis and in groups on the establishment and maintenance of proper health management information and evaluation systems, recording, scrutiny, reporting and matching of information at the hospitals in Majuro and Ebeye. 
  • Trained staff from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and EPA on linking progress reports with indicators.
  • Sectoral and national budgets aligned with the MDGs.
  • MDGs based planning and budgeting is operational in two sectors.
  • Official Development Assistance (ODA) inflow recorded and performance indicators developed, linking ODA and national budget to the achievement of national, regional and international development goals.

Who Finances it

Total Budget: US$265,959

Project Delivery US$

2008 $9,069
2009 $89,851
2010 $111,194
2011 $16,853
Project Overview
Project ID.
Project Start Date
Estimated End Date
Geographic Coverage
Marshall Islands
Focus Area
Poverty Reduction
Project Officer
Patrick Tuimaleali'ifano
Economic Planning, Policy and Statistics Office
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