Solomon Islands Aid Coordination and Management

Project Summary

This project will strengthen and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of aid coordination and management through building organizational and management/staff capabilities and functions of the Aid Coordination Division of the Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination (MDPAC). This will enable the Government of the Solomon Islands to have a working, transparent and effective aid coordination, management and monitoring system. Such strengthening will help Solomon Islands attract foreign assistance, better target foreign assistance it is already receiving, increase absorptive capacity and effectiveness and address key development objectives.

The project will concentrate on strengthening capacity by (1) developing the procedures and processes of the MDPAC; (2) strengthening relationships between Aid Coordination Division and other MDPAC divisions, other ministries – especially the Ministry of Finance and Treasury – and donors; (3) building human resources through upgrading basic skills, role-specific training and on-the-job training; and (4) establishing and using a Grant Management Database as well as other information network improvements. 

What are the project’s goal?

Strengthened and improved aid coordination and management effectiveness and efficiency to allocate domestic and external resources especially for poverty reduction.

  • Train staff from the Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination (MDPAC) in aid management and resource planning.
  • Develop a Development Assistance Database that will be used by the Government and donor partners.
  • A fully staffed and resourced Aid Coordination Division that has the capacity to implement its mandate of aid coordination.
  • Aid Management Strategy is in place for Solomon Islands.

What have we accomplished so far

The Solomon Islands Development Assistance Database (DAD) has been set-up and partially functional, with Donors and Government both participating in the data entry. The DAD is a tool that can be used for further analysis by the government, as well as an useful mechanism for capturing key aid effectiveness indicators under the Busan Partnership Agreement. It also can benefit the process of capturing donor funding for development budgeting purposes o f the National Government.

Who Finances it

Total Budget: US$1,416,045

Project Delivery US$

2009 $34,801
2010 $321,482
2011 $527,712
2012 $384,051
2013 $384,051
Project Overview
Project ID.
Project Start Date
Estimated End Date
Geographic Coverage
Solomon Islands
Focus Area
Poverty Reduction
Project Officer
Sarah Nihopara
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