SOI Parliament
The Solomon Islands Parliament is one of 10 countries UNDP assists in political and economic governance. Photo: UNDP

To be able to effectively support Millennium Development Goals acceleration, inclusive growth and poverty reduction, UNDP will work with the Pacific Island Countries and Territories to strengthen their systems of political and economic governance through: capacity-building of parliaments to exercise effective legislative, oversight and representational functions; developing the capacity of local authorities to govern and provide development services; fostering civic education, social accountability, partnerships with civil society and the capacity of the media to report on governance and human rights. UNDP will pursue measures that increase the service delivery capacity of small-scale national administrations. In addition, recognizing social cohesion and stability as important prerequisites for inclusive growth in a number of the countries and territories, UNDP will implement programmes in the areas of: peace and development; security sector reform; and natural resource management (with a particular focus on the extractive industries) in order to achieve strong human development outcomes.