Democratic Governance

UNDP brings people together within nations and around the world, building partnerships and sharing ways to promote participation, accountability and effectiveness at all levels. We partner with and support the 10 Pacific Island countries covered by the Fiji Multi-Country Office to assist countries achieve long term economic and social sustainable growth for its people through the strengthening of its governance mechanisms to enable a more equitable distribution of public resources to grassroots communities and the marginalized.

Our Goals

UNDP will work towards improving the capacities of parliaments, sub-national government ministries and civil society organizations strengthened to ensure improved service delivery, and inclusive decision making and to promote social cohesion at the community level.more

UNDP and Democratic Governance

UNDP works with Members of Parliaments in Vanuatu, providing them with the skills to better understand and perform their roles as parliamentarians. Photo: UNDP

Our Stories

  • Sofiya Bi at her shop with her daughter in Vunayasi settlement. UNDP/Tomoko Kashiwazaki

    Bridging recovery to sustainability

    "I was about to open my shop, and then the floods came and destroyed everything. I was left with the payment for the groceries I boughtmore

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Projects and Initiatives

Kiribati Parliament Support

This project was formulated on the basis of the validated and accepted recommendations of a Legislative Needs Assessment (LNA) report which was prepared for Kiribati Parliament in 2008. more

Tonga Support to Parliament

This Preparatory Assistance project is designed to support the Parliamentarians of the Kingdom of Tonga in performing their important representative, legislative and oversight functions. more

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