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An additional 50,000 people could be living below the poverty line next year: "I don't know if I can face more hardship"

Emily knows what living in poverty feels like. The Fijian woman in her 60s has to manage on FJ$60 a month provided by the Social Welfare Office. Since her son died two years ago, she has not been able to work. Facing increasing living costs and lack of opportunities, Emily struggles every day to makmore


Assisting communities to become self-reliant and resilient

“While the rest of Nadi experienced two floods, our community experienced three as we are the lowest lying in the Nadi delta. The whole community was under water.” Waisea Naisoro assisted his neighbors in Saravi settlement, outskirt of Nadi, to move to houses on higher ground when severe floods hit more


Assisting recovery by improving food security

“We are farmers. We clear the land and plant again when heavy rain knocks down our crops and vegetables. But it is more difficult now to manage it because rains are unpredictable and heavier.” Like Makarina Dreka, villagers in Vunayasi settlement in outskirts of Nadi, have been struggling to overcommore


Bridging recovery to sustainability

"I was about to open my shop, and then the floods came and destroyed everything. I was left with the payment for the groceries I bought for my shop. We were still trying to recover from the first flood when the second one hit. The flood water came as high as the roof and we could not save anythmore


Tonga ǀ Cash-for-work helps Ha’apai community to recover from Cyclone Ian

Today, it’s a different scene in Ha’apai compared to January after Tropical Cyclone Ian, a Category 5 system - the most powerful ever recorded in Tongan waters - passed directly over the northeast islands of Ha’apai.  Many homes repaired, much of the debris removed, fences for livestock rebuiltmore


Chemical free farming paves the way to sustainability in Fiji

Five years ago farmers would have laughed had anyone said that farming without the use of chemicals was profitable. Now, many farmers on the island of Taveuni in Fiji are convinced it is possible to grow crops without chemical input, get good yields and earn a sustainable income. This has become clemore